Our mission

Expanding the economic bounds of humankind

Low earth orbit is open for business. Varda is accelerating the development of commercial space infrastructure, from in-orbit manufacturing to reliable and economical reentry capsules.

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In brief

Varda Space Industries is industrializing low earth orbit

Reusable rockets have lowered the cost of access to space and opened up a range of in-space activities. Now that access to space is cheap, it’s what we do there that counts.

From more powerful fiber optic cables to new, life-saving pharmaceuticals, there is a world of products used on Earth today that can only be manufactured in space. Varda is accelerating innovation in the space industry and creating products that will benefit life on Earth. Our mission is to expand the economic bounds of humankind.

Our team is uniquely suited to accomplish this goal. Varda was founded in January 2021 by Will Bruey and Delian Asparouhov. The company operates out of El Segundo, California, with office and industrial production space.

Varda is honored to be part of the portfolios of investors including Khosla Ventures, Lux Capital, Founders Fund, Caffeinated Capital, General Catalyst, and Also Capital.

Proudly backed by

Founder's Fund
Khosla Ventures
Lux Capital
General Catalyst
Caffeinated Capital
Also Capital
Made in America

Proudly built in the United States

Varda has offices in Washington, D.C., and El Segundo, California, our production facility where our vehicles, equipment, and materials are built, integrated, and tested.